Make the Most of Investing

We Drive Superior ROI on Your Real Estate Objectives

Your smart investment portfolio gets an ROI boost when you connect with us at Charvold. We have the domain expertise to source the right kind of non-performing property and make it available to you in prime condition. The choice is then up to you to hold it for a longer duration as a cash cow with passive real estate investing in DFW/Texas. Whatever your pick, you can be assured of one thing – an exemplary ROI, thanks to the lower purchase costs and high caliber rehab work put in by us.

Our Mission

We specialize in sourcing and assessing non-performing properties so that you get an attractive deal in passive real estate investing in DFW/Texas. We purchase most homes off market directly from home owners or banks ensuring that you get long term value for your investment by providing a rigorous assessment of the selected property. 

Due to our deep domain experience, we can help locate the right kind of property to suit your investment plan and projections. If you are worried about the time and knowledge it takes to refurbish the place, do not worry. We have the expertise, and access to resources to help carry out a superior job of rehabbing the property. Investing in a non-performing property for passive real estate investing will also help you do your bit for society and help build a stabilized community.

Signing up with us as an investor will help you to leverage our extensive experience, advanced technology, and our qualified team members who work as hard as you to help build a growth-centric wealth portfolio.

We aim to capture value for you in 5 ways when you utilize us for investing in real estate

  • 1 Cash Flow
  • 2 Equity Capture
  • 3 Tax Advantage
  • 4 Appreciation
  • 5 Forced Capital Gains
Charvold Homes & Properties

Our Operational Strategy

Fulfill your passive real estate investing objectives with us at Charvold Properties working by your side. We take immense pride in our listings and recommendations, and seek to build a fruitful relationship with investors by providing them avenues for long term gains. Whichever way the market is moving, we make sure that our transparent and honest business ethics yield rewards for investors like you. This is largely driven by the rigorous adherence to the below thoughtfully crafted operational strategy geared to work in your favor:

  • 1 Sourcing Off Market Deals
  • 2 Evaluating
  • 3 Acquisition
  • 4 Rehab
  • 5 Property Management
  • 6 Insurance
  • 7 Long Term Financing
Charvold Homes & Properties

Need a more compelling reason to invest in non-performing single family properties? Who can convince you better than Warren Buffet himself! The investment guru too, acknowledges that in the long run, such properties pay off better than stocks. Hence this will be a strong investment option for investors looking to build their wealth through real estate.

With as little as $20,000, you can start investing with us. So invest wisely with us at Charvold working to provide you with the power of passive real estate investing in non-performing properties in Texas.